CFC Research Survey Now on Web in 3 languages

CFC (comfort with foreign cultures) research, which aims to quantify the level of comfort of different cultures of the world with foreign cultures, can help improve intercultrual understanding among natives of this planet and catalyse a more sustainable growth of humanity in the universe. The CFC Phase – 1, survey is open for all the countries and individuals of the world and is now available online in following 3 languages

English Version: Uploaded by Prof. Vijesh Jain (India)

Web Link:

Portugese Version: Uploaded by Prof. Susana Costa E Silva (Portugal)

Web Link:

Italian Version: Uplaoded by Ms. Juliana Bernhofer (Italy)

Web Link:

Request all to take this survey to improve CFC Ph-1 world data results.


Data Collection for the CFC project

I am happy to inform you that following is the updated figures of data already collected worldwide for the CFC project

India – 150
Portugal – 181
There are certain percentages of incomplete responses but that were allowed by the questionnaire since some of the questions were allowed to be skipped by the instruction to deal with the local sensitivities.
I am sure other collaborators are also working on the questionnaire. Kindly update the data collection response from your respective countries.

Final CFC Questionnaire is ready and is now availbale on the web

It is with great pleasure that the contribution of collaborators from more than 15 countries have helped the CFC team o prepare a final version of CFC which is now available for data collection online at the following link

Each collaborator is working to collect data in his own country.

The number of questions are exhaustive and are likely to provide greater insights in to the process of cross cultural dynamics related to foreign culture comfort issues. The research outcome of the project phase 1 is likely to throw light on several issues related to foreign culture comfort with native cultures  Depending on the outcome, we propose to get the research output published in a reputed publication.

Research Association required for Global Joint Research Project in the area of Cross Cultural Research

Professors and research professionals from around the world are invited to join the global joint research project on CFC (comfort with foreign cultures) related to foreign culture issues in the areas of cross cultural management. Interested professors and professionals may contact me for more details by sending me privately their email id. I am an Associate Professor at ITS Management and IT Institute based in NCR, India, the link to which is given below. For more details please send me your email id at or post here.

ITS Management and IT Institute, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad,

International Awareness Course (IAC) globally and jointly conducted via Videoconferencing

Cross Cultural Comfort (CCC) among students is necessary to become truly global citizens. Researches show that internationally aware students get better grades in Under Graduate and higher education programs. Because of this reasons ‘Study Abroad’ Programs are designed by good universities all over the world. However researches show only 5 to 8 % of all the interested students are able to benefit from ‘Study Abroad’ Programs due to reasons related to personal inconvenience and practical difficulties. Cost is another factor. To address this problem, International Awareness Course is designed to be conducted jointly among students of several universities from different countries to increase international awareness among students.

The course is to be conducted through Video Conferencing in a global virtual class room environment. Small group of students from several universities and from different cultures can interact according to pre designed program. I am looking for interested universities and faculty who are intersted to collaborate with my college ( to jointly conduct this program to improve the student learning experience and enhance their international awareness and comfort level with distant cultures. Please send me your email id so that I can send you more details.