List of MDP Topics

List of topics for MDPs regularly conducted by Dr. Vijesh Jain

Following high quality management development program are available for onsite training for companies. Dr. Vijesh carries out these training programs regularly for reputed organizations. In the past Dr. Vijesh has trained executives from companies like – Maruti Suzuki, JCB, Thomson Press, BEL, GAIL, Phoenix Contact, Matthey, JK Group,Groz-Beckert, Rhode Schwarz, ILFS, Chambal Fertilizer, Eureka Forbes, CSB Soultions, Zeco Aircon, Magnetimerelli, Fresenius Kabi, Ayras, Farm Gate Agro and many others.

Suggested duration of the training program is mention along with the title. Topics covered also mentioned. Looking forward to you requirements and suggested dates.

  1. Export Import Procedures and Documentation (Duration: 2 days)
    1. Steps in Typical Export Transaction
    2. Steps involved in Documentary Credit
    3. Understanding INCOTERMS
    4. Understanding pre-shipment documents
    5. Understanding post shipment documents
    6. International risk management
    7. Understanding Port Procedures
    8. Understanding import procedures
    9. Dealing with customs for imports
    10. Bill of entry
    11. Duty calculations
    12. Understanding FEMA
    13. Port Infrastructure in India
    14. Understanding sea cargo processes
    15. Marine cargo insurance
    16. ECGC, EPCs, Chambers of commerce

Sample related videos:

EXIM Procedures Overview :


  1. Letter of Credit (Duration: 1 day)
    1. Different modes of payments
    2. Different types of letter of credits
    3. Documentary credit process
    4. Advising bank
    5. Issuing bank
    6. Confirming bank
    7. UCP 500 and UCP 600
    8. Errors in Letter of credit
    9. ISBP
    10. Grey Markets
  1. INCOTERMS (Duration: 1 day)
    1. Typical steps in exporting
    2. Risks and costs in exporting
    3. Place to Place terms
    4. Sea Terms
    5. INCOTERMS 2010
    6. Delivery terms in international contracts
    7. Obligations of buyers and sellers
    8. Transfer of title

Sample of related video:


  1. International Contracts (Duration: 1 day)
    1. Types of international contracts
    2. Significance of contracts
    3. Structure of contracts
    4. Parties to contracts
    5. Delivery terms
    6. Payments terms
    7. Force majure
    8. Arbitration
    9. Third party role
    10. Jurisdiction
    11. Role of banks
  1. Foreign Trade Policy of India (Duration: 1 day)
    1. Objectives and goals of foreign trade policies
    2. Institutional framework for formulation and implementation of FTPs
    3. Approaches of foreign trade policies
    4. Demand side initiatives
    5. Supply side initiatives
    6. Export incentives
    7. Export promotion schemes
    8. EPCG scheme

Sample of related video:


  1. Understanding Geopolitical Environment for Business (Duration: 2 days)
    1. What is geopolitics
    2. Role of geopolitics in international marketing
    3. Geopolitical environment for business
    4. Dimensions of geopolitics
    5. Geopolitical change
    6. Regional geopolitics
    7. Geopolitics of petroleum
    8. Geopolitics of terrorism
    9. Geopolitics of religion
    10. China – India geopolitics in Indian Ocean
    11. US world tactics

Sample of related video:


  1. Techniques and tools for understanding international cultures (Duration: 2 days)
    1. International cultures
    2. Cultural environment for business
    3. Cross cultural differences
    4. Cross Cultural management
    5. Model s of cultural differences
    6. Cultural data management
    7. Cultural positioning
    8. Cultural targeting
    9. Cultural segmenting
    10. Work places cultures
    11. Cultural research
  1. International Trading Under WTO (Duration: 1 or 2 days)
    1. WTO and its origins
    2. Roles and Goals of WTO
    3. WTO principles
    4. WTO Case Studies
    5. WTO and trade barriers
    6. WTO agreements
    7. International trade under WTO
    8. WTO and India

Pricing for onsite training program (venue of the client)

Send email to, to know Pricing

Suggested training group size: 10 to 25 participants

Who should attend these MDPs:

While each of MDP topic may be of interest to specific needs, the MDPs are designed for businesses operating from India and are involved with international business and trading. Anyone interested in international markets both for exports and imports will find all these MDPs useful irrespective of roles and functions. Above MDPs can be tweaked for specific sector needs.

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