Current Research Project


Nature of the research project: International multicultural transnational collaborative project involving around 15 foreign collaborators from 12 countries.

Objective of the project: To quantitatively map the international cultures in terms of their ‘level of comfort with foreign cultures (CFC)’ as an independent cultural dimension.

Present status: The research project presently is spearheaded by Dr. Vijesh as the prime global coordinator, primarily supported by Dr. Rahul Singh, Associate Professor, BIMTECH, Dr. Susana Costa E Silva, Professor of marketing, Catholic University of Porto, Porto, Portugal. There are 12 more foreign collaborators from different countries. Phase 1 of the project is almost over and was unfunded. Phase 2 has started and is proposed to be funded.

Future projection: In phase 2 of the project, research work will focus on larger base of data from more number of countries with more number of new collaborators. A cross cultural society is proposed to be formed to focus on the theme of the research. International and national funding is proposed to be sought for the second phase. Ground work has already started with above 3 researchers at the helm predominantly coordinated by Dr. Vijesh Jain.

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