Why India should not cosy up with US

PM Narender Modiji is proceeding to US for a dialogue with the President Trump on matters ranging from world geopolitics, regional stability in Asia as well as South Asia, possibilities of joint production of military hardware including F-16s, membership to UN Security Council & Nuclear Supplier Group, US inaction towards terror heavens being operated from Pakistan to ongoing Qatar crisis. Issues are many and indeed it is always better to discuss at such level all similar issues not only with US and UK but with many other power centres in the world. India has treaded its way far too smartly, safely and in the best interest of the country till now. PM Modi has also so far taken right stances when it comes to foreign relations and world trade.  A balanced approach in the foreign relations have kept India out from many serious problems which rest of the world has faced in past few decades including 2008 economic meltdown and like of problems in Middle East.


It is not difficult to understand the desperation of India to bring US to its side looking at its problems, small to large, with its immediate neighbours specially Pakistan and China. Although no bullets have been fired on Indo-Chinese border sine 1960 war, India’s anxiety with China is on the rise resulting from the increasing wealth of China as well as role of China in the troubles brewing in South China. The rise of infrastructure financed by China in the Indian Ocean and strategically encircling India’s shore line as well as China’s all weather friendship with Pakistan have only increased this anxiety. In spite of all these anxieties India has maintained its relationship with China in a more businesslike manner and it has worked very well so far. China’s OBOR project has however created some further anxiousness among Indians and has given room for more distrust towards China’s future plans. China’s investments in the immediate neighbourhood in countries rather friendly to India have further Increased this suspicion of India towards China.

With so many things going around India in this turbulent world, coupled with its own internal problems, country has its own insecurities and it is natural for India to expect favours and doles from traditionally the most powerful country i.e. US. Politically also it scores well for the current government to show benefits and favours flowing from US albeit it may be giving only a false sense of security and over-optimism with a country with its worst track record of friendliness and longevity of foreign relations. Before being too optimistic about US future role in the development and security of India and its future interests, it is important to understand the perception of US and its citizens about India as well as its neighbours in Asia.

It is no use of wooing US with the logic of India being a balancing power for the increasing might of China and as an important military base for US geopolitical interests in Asia, if we look from the US point of view of the situation here. India’s longing eyes on the 7.5 Billion USD proposed funding by US to India, also is not so positive for the country if we understand that US tax payers keep hawkish watch on every penny they pay in tax and returns they get in terms of doles meted out to foreign nations, however urgent purpose they may hold for the game of world geopolitics.

For one, it is silly to believe that US sees communist China as its biggest threat while not feeling the same way about a democratic India. It is not difficult to guess that US is as wary of China as it is for India’s economic rise. In fact it is likely to be more wary of a democratic India’s rise as superpower given the higher soft power India is likely to enjoy in a largely democratic world. The logic of India being a regional balancing power to China is too simplistic for a seasoned country like US. US in fact sees both India and China as highly populous abnormal nations, both ready to take over the world due to the natural shift of economic power from West to East. US see both countries with their humongous populations as encroaching upon the limited resources of this planet and as the liabilities for the inhabitant of optimally populated and presently rich nations of this world. Both the countries pose future threats to their current lifestyles, climate and resources. Therefore any geopolitical manoeuvre by US would be to deal with both the dominant countries of the future.

It is not the first time they have dealt with multiple adversaries together. Remember what they did with Iraq and Iran in conjunction with UK. First they created internal instability in Iran and then catalysed war like situation among the two countries, supplied weapons to both, covertly favoured more to Iraq and weakened Iran as well as later Iraq and then as next step finally disseminated Iraq itself. Even in the 1st and 2nd world war role of US had been just as an observer. In fact US benefitted substantially by other nations fighting it over with each other destroying their own economies, during both world wars and thereby weakening themselves, while US developed itself to become world’s leading power.

US is likely to play similar game in Asia to deal with both India and China. It is in the best interest of US and its citizens to substantially weaken both India and China by creating serious fissures between the two countries, without shedding any blood from their own side. In any case it is idiotic for India to expect any emotional favour from an experienced and mature country like US. Moreover in the present times no country like a weak nation, expecting doles and favour from another country. Every strong nation today favours a strong and self developed nation and takes moral side of such nations. No nation is likely to drastically differentiate between South Asian nations including India and Pakistan, when it comes to their positive or negative perception about the culture of people in this region. They may actually club India and China too in that respect. Therefore any expectation of extraordinary favour from US is unreal.

So what is the way forward for India at this juncture? Every nation in the world today is going through uncertainties, internal problems, and insecurities of their own. And remember every nation is busy solving their own problems. In the rat race to out manoeuvre others, no nation has time for others. In this environment, India must learn to live with its own problems and insecurities and solve its problems through indigenous solutions rather than look towards other nations however powerful they may be. Therefore the only way forward for India is to build on its own, secure its border, whatever way it can, focus on business like relationships with all the rich and developing nations including all its neighbours, without giving undue attention and favour to some. It should play a constructive role in world affairs and in solving various challenges being faced by humans on this planet and secure the future of coming generations of India. A strong, healthy and self made India will be envy of many and fancy of many others. There will always be friends and foes in this world. Trick is to engage both the types.

2 thoughts on “Why India should not cosy up with US

  1. Vijesh sir has written true….
    On ground level India is getting bitter…
    Policy makers have become nothing but AC room savy….
    Commerce Employment Agriculture Finance every thing moving to dearth

    1. While some of the comments made by you are true. However I would say that still a lot is being done in the right direction. There are certain ticklish issues which need to be accounted for. I guess it would be done. What remains to be done in the foreign affairs should be done with broader perspective.

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