The Rise of the ‘Rest’

Recent turmoil in Britain has been hotly debated world over about its impact on Britain, EU and the rest of the world. A lot has been said about the class divisions in the referendum and most analyst deploring the fact that ‘leave’ vote was dictated by the poor, uneducated and old people. It is also mentioned and debated that the same class divide may be seen in US election later this year. Even in other EU countries the emotions are building up of this non elite society which is pushing their countries towards seclusion from EU system. Does the vote of the ‘rest’ of this society indicate a society getting more dumb or plain stupid? Some analysts think so. But are we looking at a global phenomenon where the vote of this rest of the society will count more and more? Giving more shocks to the elite class sitting at the helm of affairs and claiming to make this world better for all. This elite class sitting in Washington, London, Brussels, Paris, and Central Delhi and even in Beijing is probably being suspected of serving their own agenda rather than agenda of the world’s unprivileged, poor and uneducated lot who have been waiting for years to the privileged lot to deliver on their promises but without any real progress. And obviously they are in majority. In Britain and probably in forthcoming US elections are we likely to see the rise of this rest.

It is hotly debated that never in the history of US, electorate was as divided as it is likely to be now. Rise of Donald Trump seems to be the result of this rise of the rest. And this phenomenon is likely to catch up all over the world. The Brexit incident has been attributed to not the economics but the so called xenophobia and impulse. So are we to judge that the choice of British poor and uneducated older lot is a bad choice because it is not based on economics or is it that the rest of the class is fed up with the elite so much that emotions plays an important role than the economics. The rest of the class is so desperate with the non performance of the elites that they are willing to keep the economics at the back burner and ready to dominate an agenda which is perceived to serve them better at any economic cost. If it is happening in two of the world’s politically most powerful countries it is likely to spread to many other countries too. The rest of the world seems to be losing faith in the elite class who is sitting at high offices of political, economic and academic importance.  Beijing’s suggestion to Chinese population of the bad consequences of democracy and Britain type referendum seems to the uneasiness of the same elite class with this situation. However this storm if assumes momentum is not likely to stop with the established rules and norms based on economics and meritocracy.

However the rise of the rest and their decisions can’t be judged to be related to emotions only. The phenomenon seems to be having an economic angle also. Recent conclusions with respect to a large wealth of the world shrinking in the hands of a few hundred families and increasing gap between the rich and the poor may be triggering this phenomenon which has its roots in economic shifts to ‘haves’ rather than ‘have-nots’. Therefore it will be wrong to conclude that vote of poor, uneducated and older people do not have a foresight or economics at its core. Recent developments however do have their major origins in an expression of loss of faith in the elite’s claim to common good by their knowledge and position. Therefore this change may be coming in future to wider geographical areas of this planet. This may be an important historical change to the process of political democracy and demographical distribution of economic power. And will be an important turning point in the recent history of mankind.


One thought on “The Rise of the ‘Rest’

  1. Excellent observation and a wonderfully different perspective. It indeed seems to be the emergence of a new wave of change which probably will take some time to catch momentum and generate long lasting and influential differences across the globe.

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