Basic Problem with Modi Government

Modi’s one year assessments have given mixed verdict.  TOI-Ipsos survey shows Modi still remains the best bet. There have been however several issues which have shown adverse reactions from the masses including highly disparaging defeat of BJP in Delhi assembly polls and elsewhere. Foreign investments are not coming, the way it was expected. Indian industry is also keeping its fingers crossed. Common man is still paying bribes to get their rightful services from government departments or as speed money. Traffic police is still using tools to intimidate soft targets on the road or crushing them under their wheels. Big wigs are getting away from the punishments for their heinous crimes as ever. Even Modi government’s own ministers or ex ministers are having doubts if there is any difference between the previous UPA government and the one year old Modi government. Modi himself accepted many promises made during electioneering were just cliché or slogans as part of the election process.

Is there a basic problem with Indian people or Indian way of democracy? Do we not deserve to be a nation able to realize its true potential? Or are we expecting too much too soon from a single right minded person who is irritated by the barriers continuously raised by the opposition? Or are we a ridiculously large country, too big a ship to sail the waters at reasonable speed? It is an observed fact that no nation in the world has grown or become developed without proper introspection and preparation. The very first thing which successful nations did was to bring serious changes in their basic lifestyle, culture and way of thinking. For example, Singapore first taught its own citizens to maintain cleanliness around them to graduate into cleaning their minds free of corruption and graft. What followed was an automatic interest of the world investors who came voluntarily to invest there in spite of being a tiny nation devoid of any reasonable natural resources. Singapore did not go selling their country to the world the way India is attempting to soon.

No company in the world has sustained before looking at its own products and its quality before successfully selling these internationally. US, West Europe and Japan first created internal competition and provided right business environment for doing business within and then only they came to international platform. China started working on internal infrastructure and processes in the year 1979 and did it religiously for decades without any political opposition to its projects or land acquisition bills.

There are no short cuts. Home has to be cleaned first. Minds have to be trained of the family members before your more privileged neighbor takes a serious interest in your family. Modi, I guess is making this very basic mistake of selling an untrained, unclean, corrupt country to the world. He may be a good salesman but product is still not ready for international market. Very less time has been spent by Modi looking at its product or doing product development before marketing it. Perhaps that is the basic problem.  He has to sell an honest product with international features and international use. Otherwise it will be just foreign visits, trade shows and no orders. That is perhaps already happening. As an exporter Modi is visiting the world but ending up being a major importer.

World is very smart, well informed and connected today and know the value of a product. World has choices, options. World looks at brand value. And international brands can’t be built in a 5 year term. There is no point in harping on world investments and technology without preparations and without spending time at home. It is not going to work. It is akin to being over optimistic or at the most creating a feel good factor. There are certain basic principles of life which are universal laws. If we are a society full of injustice, corruption, lack of proper education, empty stomachs, religious intolerance, and world is not going to take interest. Even if it does for a short while it can’t be sustained. You can’t hide the anomalies. So what is needed at this hour is to look within and change the mindset. It is needed to actually clean India both physically and mentally. Only Modi could have done that when people were listening to him one year back. Alas time is fast running no one will listen to him beyond near future.

One thought on “Basic Problem with Modi Government

  1. I think in India citizens has a vital role to play in performance of government.
    We Indian expect government to do everything but forget our own responsibilities and duties being a citizen of this country here all government policies fails. This is not policy paralysis but yes execution problem. Only prime minister changed rest are the same can’t be enough to change the fait of ourselves.
    With that I also think for change India want at least a stable government for 10-15 years, it’s an uphill task to reshape in 5 years. As BJP is more macro oriented should work on structural changes.

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