True Meaning of Spiritualism !

What is the true meaning of spiritualism? Is it being religious? Is it being curious? Is it being a philosopher? Is it being a scientist of supernatural? Is it being a truth finder? Is it being free of worldly desires?

Many philosophers, saints, global thinkers have tried their hands to find the answer. The question still remains as unresolved as ever.

Another related question which remains unanswered is – What does it mean for the humanity to be a spiritual? (And related questions are – Is it individually good to be spiritual? Is being spiritual, good for the society? How does spiritualism differs from scientific curiosity?)

Religion and Spiritualism

Being religious may not be necessarily spiritualism, as the religious thoughts are most contested ones. And the ‘religious spiritualism’ is debatable all the time. Sage Ashtavakra, (Ref. Ashtavakra Gita) concluded that religions are the ‘by-products’ of ‘failed scientific cum spiritual experiments’ to know the ‘ultimate truth’. These ‘byproducts’ do not serve any real purpose to the society and these may probably cause the humanity to vanish from at least this planet if not universe. He further concludes that these failed experiments indicate the perpetual failure of the humans to identify and understand ‘the ultimate truth’ or the true form of God in spite of their dreadful initiatives. And probably these ‘byproducts’ will cause the humanity to eventually destroy itself (may be a reaction of the ultimate Universe Builder to prevent its Creations to let know the Creator). If that is so, is it not futile to be so curious about knowing the eternal truth or to understand the supernatural? Perhaps that is so. Then is it not true that becoming a person of balanced faculties and knowledge in so natural a form, as the creator has dreamed of being for its creation, is to be spiritual? Is it not being someone who wants to understand what the ultimate builder wants us to become – no more and no less? Probably that would bring peace between the creator and the creation. Is not that in the situation of lack of harmony between the two, one fine moment creator would like to destroy its own creation or probably it has decided to do so and the process of destruction is already on, through skewed ‘byproducts’ of those failed perpetual experiments.

So question still remains what is being spiritual? Why do we want to know the true form of the creator? What purpose will it serve to its creation to let it know everything about its creator? Probably creator is happy being anonymous. And what does it mean to be in harmony with the creator? And probably why should we not stop calling and praying to the creator to draw its attention towards its worshippers? Why should we disturb it all the time? Probably it wants to be left alone? Why do we want to be happy being in his or her watch or being near him or her all the time? Probably he is not happy being close to his or her creation and probably he is busy building other new projects.

So is it that spiritualism means to know what the ultimate builder wants and how to keep it in good humor so that there is a peace between its interest and the interests of its creation. Probably it has built this universe and let it run on its own with set natural rules, laws and principles without really bothering on day to day basis. It is probably not interested in individual humans and their destinies. Humans and for that all living beings need to probably remain part of the set system and enjoy and suffer the moments encountered by them as the system provides for. Does the spiritual person really know what the builder want? Probably it is futile to map the creator and rather understand the harmony between him and the life? It may be very annoying and insecure for the creator to learn that its creations want to know its secrets? Probably it does not want that to happen. If so, it may be dangerous to try to understand him spiritually or scientifically beyond certain points.

Spiritualism and boundaries of knowledge

Does spiritualism not mean being honest? Honest with you near ones, honest with the society, the nation, the humanity as a whole. Does spiritualism not mean finding out what is good and what is not good for the future of life in this universe? Does spiritualism not mean being aware of the ways to be in complete harmony with the wishes of the creator and the creation – not more, not less? Does spiritualism not mean to accept the limitations of the knowledge, living beings are designed to let know by the creator? Does spiritualism not mean to prevent the humanity to die a slow death embracing the ‘byproducts’ of perpetual failure of experiments to understand the ultimate truth? Does spiritualism not mean to accept the ways of living life most suitably to the designed faculties of mind and body? Does spiritualism not mean to know the limits of the pursuit of knowledge human mind should not try to cross?

Why did we try to learn the power of atomic bonding? Why did we not stop the human mind to go beyond the limits of knowledge about sub atomic power? Has it really done any real good for the future and sustainability of life on this planet? What is the limit of the progress and advancement? After what limit any scientific experiment, knowledge becomes dangerous to the very existence of the creation so meticulously and passionately planned by the creator? Does the creator want its creations to cross these limits? If no, is it not that he is very unhappy about the state of affairs at its creation and it has assumed the role of destroyer of its own creation? Is it not that it has accepted the failure of its ultimate creation the humans? Does a spiritualist want the creator to succeed or fail in its designs? Is it not that a spiritualist is someone in pursuit to learn the boundaries of what humans should aspire to know about and act on that? Is it not that a spiritualist need to map the boundaries between the useful and destructive knowledge?

Answer probably lies within the creation. The answer is already there ingrained in the mind by the creator. We need to probably understand it and act on it.