Comfort with Foreign Cultures (CFC) Scores for New Countries

Comfort with foreign cultures at Multinational Workplaces may vary according to the cultural origins of the members of multicultural teams. While performance of international project teams improves if the teams are multicultural, intercultural discomfort may create new glitches and challenges for the team managers to ensure smooth team coordination.

New research, a comprehensive three country study on India, Italy and Portugal indicate new CFC scores for members originating from these countries. The scores indicate their level of comfort as local cultures with other cultural groups of foreign origin in international teams working on same projects in MNEs

Final CFC scores

The CFC scores above indicate level of comfort of employees as local cultures from India having lesser level of comfort with colleagues of foreign cultures than for the employees as local cultures from Italy and Portugal. The CFC score differences among Italy and Portugal is not very significant. The scores are based on the scale from 0 to 100. CFC scores based on the stereotype effect are also given which indicate that level of comfort with foreign cultures is not significantly explained by the level of stereotypes present in different cultures. In this case India is not really having a major stereotype effect and yet shows significant higher level of discomfort with foreign cultures than Italy and Portugal.