Is US Going With The Wind?

There has been quite a debate in recent past about US lost its position geopolitically. It may not be appropriate right now that it is not true given all the economic and financial indicators about the country. The political scenario at present is at its worst, with lots of partisan politics and a possible lack of understanding on what are the ills facing this great country on this planet. Consensus among political players on important long-term measures is not forthcoming with each opposing party toeing the opposite views on almost every issue facing the country. The infrastructure throughout the country is dilapidated. People do not seem to be putting their best efforts to work hard. Saving rate is still very low. Educational excellence is not forthcoming. Skilled immigrants are still being shooed away. The success formula so exploited by the country till recently is being ignored.

But all is not lost for the country. I recently talked to some senior business leaders in Singapore and Malaysia about their views on the loosing sheen of US, they argue that US is still the most sought after destination for the best of scientists, talented IT professionals, distinguished educationalist and other top professionals. They still have no other choice to show their best. US still remain one of the freest economies with a lot of potential for new entrepreneurs and new start-ups. Moreover, it is still a country where all kinds of professions or professionals are still respected. Innovators are still hopeful for this country to offer them a ground and finances to do their experiments with their creative ideas. US still remain one of the best mixes of races, gender and cultures. It is still the country which offers more commanding jobs to women than men in their navy fleet.

So what can be expected of US in near future, in terms of taking a lead it has taken in the last century on the world stage? It is argued that if the US citizens are ready to forgo some of the major expectations from their governments mainly related to social security and the government is ready to take call on long-term measures to bring out US economy out of reds, there is still a strong possibility to see the US coming back to its original glory. Political leader’s attitudes and responsible behavior seems to be the key to its recovery, it has been suggested.