Importance of Pilot Study in any Research

Pilot studies or trials – which are comparative randomized trials designed to provide preliminary evidence on the efficacy of an intervention or theoretical model / concept – are routinely performed in many social and other research areas. Also commonly known as “feasibility” or “vanguard” studies, they are designed to assess the potential of an intervention; to assess potential of a concept; to assess the feasibility of international collaboration in a research work or coordination for multi countries studies; to increase experience with the study or intervention. These are the best ways to assess feasibility of a large, expensive full-scale study, and in fact are an almost essential pre-requisite. Conducting a pilot prior to the main study can enhance the likelihood of success of the main study and potentially help to avoid doomed main studies. The key aspects of pilot studies includes: 1) the general reasons for conducting a pilot study; 2) the relationships between pilot studies, proof-of-concept studies, and adaptive theoretical designs; 3) the challenges of and misconceptions about pilot studies; 4) the criteria for evaluating the success of a pilot study; 5) frequently asked questions about pilot studies; 7) some ethical aspects related to pilot studies; and 8) some suggestions on how to report the results of pilot investigations using any special format. One another area of using a pilot study is also to identify which statistical tools may be useful for effective results in the main full scale study.

5 thoughts on “Importance of Pilot Study in any Research

  1. Respected sir,
    I am working as a professoe in a Jr. college. Besides i am doing research work for masters degree in Education. would u give me your valuable advice regarding importance and advantages of pilot study in research work.? Thanking you.

  2. i have got two question for you sir
    1 .i would like the importances of a pilot study .
    2. the relevances of statistical development in any governmental or non-governmental organization

    1. Pilot study can give important insights into the enquiry. A comprehensive study without a pilot study may drift from the core enquiry for want of sufficient number of responses.

      Statistical analysis can provide organizations both govt. Or non govt. With better grip with issues and early resolutions before competitors do the same.

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