Digital Cinema Industry Globally and In India

An industry with a 20 years history, is one of the fastest growing business globally. With its initial failure in America, where the idea was originated, the industry made lot of sense for Indian cinema industry and has consistently grown from its first start in India in 2005. Today the market leader in digital films distribution UFO Moviez has 2500 screens country-wide and plan to add 1000 mores in near future.

With the release of films in digital format through satellites, there are inherent advantages of DFD (Digital Films Distribution), which include same day release of a new movie country-wide, quality of screening, easy release of 3D films, reduced costs of distribution and thereby lesser viewing costs. Additionally and theoretically it is also possible to make world-wide release of films with similar benefits. However overseas distribution of digital contents through satellites has numerous practical problems associated with difference in technological advancement and technical standards used for projection of the films, differences in the distributor retailer sharing formula in different countries, differences in copyright laws, differences of opinion about security standards in the system having potential for piracy of the contents etc.

However DCI (digital cinema initiates) are aimed at streamlining several technical and non technical issues related to DFD worldwide. This opens up new avenues for indian films distribution industry for DFD to cover a large portion of India population leaving outside India as well as lot of foreign viewers interested in watching Bollywood productions.

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