Legacy of Mackinder’s Heartland Theory in Modern Times

It is very unfortunate that US should be downgraded to a lower rating after so long roughly 100 years in time. This timing incidently correspond to the origin of Modern Geopolitical Thinking and the prophecies of Geopolitical Scientists of this time of origin. One interesting theory of the time is Halford Mackinder’s Theory, popularly known as Heartland Theory (1904).  

Mackinder's Heartland Theory
As per the Heartland theory, those who rule the Eastern Europe, rules the World Island (shown in red highthed area in the picture above), those who rule the World Island (also popularly knowm as the Heartland) rules the world.
The other world comprised of the so called Rim Land and the Peripheral Land. US being part of the Peripheral Land was never the subject of a serious invasion by foreign power. US also did not make any serious attempt to attack the Heartland or even Eastern Europe. It was an isolationaist state till WW II. However after World War II, when US took active interest in the war, it became apparent that this part of the Peripheral Land mass, would certainly rule the world directly or indirectly. Be it the technological and transportation advancement, Mackinder’s theory failed to justify the Heartland Theory, inspite of the fact that certain countries did try to first rule the Eastern Europe and therefore be the world conqueror.
Rise of East – which include India, which is part of the Rim Land of the Hearland Geoplitics, and China, part of which was included in the Heartland seems to justify the theory again. Rising economies of East European Nations, weakening situation in Western Europe (which is part of the Rim Land), further give support to the Mackindor’s Theory. Resource rich Central Asia is still the fancy of the modern world. South America and African Continents are still to acquire world power status. Japan could still not keep its economy healthy and  acquiring military power is far away.
The present Geopolitics seems to be still showing the legacy of the Mackinder’s Geopolitical Prophecies of old times. It seems that whatever Peripheral Land does is not going to last long geopoltically.
This Time Dimesion was discussed today in the class of GEB. Off course there are other vairables for Modern Geopolitical Outcomes, Time variable remains the most strong variable.

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