Class Assignment 1 for the ITPD course

Students must do this assignment to understand the practical ways of dealing with an export order.

Under this assignment each group of student has to complete following tasks

1. Identify a company exporting any of its products. Write a small write up on the company and their products for exports.

2. Identify aq particular order executed by the company

3. Find some details of the buyer like – country of destination, type of buyer (e.g. end user or reseller)

4. Find some details of contract conditions – Like payment terms, delivery terms, mode of shipment (by sea or by air), delivery time etc.

5. Find some details of L/C conditions (preferably a copy of the L/C)

6. Find out the name of issuing bank, advising bank, bank charges

7. Find out how much time was required for manufacturing the goods.

8. Find out what kind of packing was required

9. Find out whether there was a third party inspection required by the buyer? Which company did the inspection

10. List the documents prepared for  this shipment.

11. Attach a copy of each of the document used for this shipment.

12. Find out how long did it take to realize the payment for the order.

Write down each of the above information in word document and send the same to me giving names of the group members. (send by email). Attach all the documents you have gathered.

The above assignment carries 10 marks and will be given 5% weightage in overall marks. Each group must work on a seperate company and different order.

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