How to infuse international awareness among higher education & management students?

In order to infuse the international awareness among the higher educatin students, cross cultrual situation can be very helpful. The very objective of study aborad programs is same. What can we achieve by opening the minds of the management students? As we know parachutes and minds are useless if they do not open up. Cross cultrual situation has really helped management students world over. Perhaps this is the reason why ivvy league colleges focus so much on a good and diverse mix of the students from all over the world for the best of their programs. Can smaller colleges do the trick. I guess yes. They can surely conduct international awareness courses in a truly corss cultrual environment by using technology. The increased awareness is surely going to have at least two major benefits. One is the improvement of the grades. Other is the changing attitude of the students about their career choiceswith a global outlook. Then it is important for smaller colleges to look for global joint opporutnities to conduct technology based management and international awareness courses.

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