Importance of reading newspaper and magazines for PGDM students

What differentiate an MBA from a non MBA. For one, most MBAs must reach top positions in the business and trade they spend their most prime years. It is a big competition out there. According to one estimate almost 40,000 new MBAs or an equivalent of them are passing out from the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi alone. A small portion of this figure roughly 1000 students are passing out from A-category B-Schools who are most likely to get good entry level jobs. Rest of the 39000 students have to compete first to get a decent job. Then they have to compete not only with their own level of MBAs but also those first grade MBAs from reputed B-Schools, in however small numbers.

This kind of competition is killing specially for most students who are facing the real business world for the first time. In this competitive environment, one of the key success factor which can generate a strong competitive advantage over others is – the awareness and knowledge of the world around us. This knowledge can not be acquired fully in the classrooms itself. A lot of personal efforts and readings are required for motivated management students who need to be reflective to the leanings being imparted in formal b-School they are enrolled with. Newspapers, magazines and reference books can provide the kind of competitive knowledge which can make the life of a management student easy in this dynamic world of business and management.

While news, views and analysis can be accessed through other mediums like TV, Internet etc, the newspaper and other print media are time tested instruments to learn, share and analyse the current political, business and cultural scenarios of the milieu of things around us. The repeat reference possibility and simplicity of the print media has made sure the newspaper and books remain the most common medium of knowledge enhancement in the past and in the present. It will remain so in the future. The ease of access at the most relaxing moments and at times when one feels nothing else to do, the newspaper and books remain the most revered medium of receiving the latest news, views and analysis. Most importantly, ‘newspapers and magazines’ do not harm the health of the students like TV and computers does due to glare from the display devices and radiations emitted by most electronic instruments / devices.

The class room teaching and training is incomplete without students own efforts to keep them abreast with the latest happening in the world of business and politics through newspapers and other readings. Whatever they learn at the classroom can be practically applied at least in their mind, if they spend a sufficient amount of time on daily newspapers especially in the business section. Most news items give an opportunity to relate the incidents with what is theoretically or practically discussed in the class. The newspapers news items and analysis give a dynamic opportunity to students by providing most interesting current business situations where lot of the concepts being learnt in the classroom can be usefully applied to find problems to several types of situations, decisions making and crisis management. Once applied the same can be adjudged for their efficacy by continuing news on subsequent days by comparing those decisions taken by the cream of business stalwarts. “Reading newspapers everyday is must for both students and adults for growth and enlightenment irrespective of the class or field of their life” (Line taken from Pratheek’s blog – Importance of reading newspaper, see his blog at

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