International Awareness Course (IAC) globally and jointly conducted via Videoconferencing

Cross Cultural Comfort (CCC) among students is necessary to become truly global citizens. Researches show that internationally aware students get better grades in Under Graduate and higher education programs. Because of this reasons ‘Study Abroad’ Programs are designed by good universities all over the world. However researches show only 5 to 8 % of all the interested students are able to benefit from ‘Study Abroad’ Programs due to reasons related to personal inconvenience and practical difficulties. Cost is another factor. To address this problem, International Awareness Course is designed to be conducted jointly among students of several universities from different countries to increase international awareness among students.

The course is to be conducted through Video Conferencing in a global virtual class room environment. Small group of students from several universities and from different cultures can interact according to pre designed program. I am looking for interested universities and faculty who are intersted to collaborate with my college ( to jointly conduct this program to improve the student learning experience and enhance their international awareness and comfort level with distant cultures. Please send me your email id so that I can send you more details.

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